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About our delivery

1, Goods: we always show our products to our customers in the website as total as possible, hope that you can find what you are looking for, so we always keep a large quantity in our warehouse. But thanks to a huge types of goods in our warehouse, it is a little hard for us to make sure that every item in stock; especial we will cut down the stock quantity of some products not sale well and also some hot sale products will out of stock, it is may take a little time to make it; What is more , we had stop producing some, but not update in the website in time. So we can''t controll every goods in our company, hope you can understand it.

2, Payment: if you pay through T/T, that may need about 3-5days to get your payment; if you pay by paypal, sometimes it may get the payment at once, but also sometimes we will get the pay after the paypal authentication (it is pending payment).

3, Delivery: international package may take a little long time if sent by post office, we can't controll this due to different service of different country; and the different customs clearance time, if come across large quantities of packages, it may take much more time to deal with the package for customs, so you can't see your package in time when you are tracking your package on the website; on the side, hope you can offer us your effective phone No. to ensure the deliver company can contact you in time, and ensure that you get the order package in time. But also if you haven't leave your surely phone No. or the contact way is wrong, the courier maybe will not send you the package owning to it may cost a lot of time to send you the package without a correct contact way; in addition, please offer us the best express company in your country so that you can get highly service from the express company and also can get your package safely cause difference service of different express way in different country.

4, Natural disaster: bad weather: snow disaster or flood in some country or some area; and earthquake or volcanic eruption etc some natural disaster. For example: Europe's volcanic eruption lately, aviation almost paralysis down to the package to Europe occurred very serious delays.

5, Holiday and Weekend: every country has different holiday or festival, eg: Christmas Day、the Spring Festival etc. company always take a holiday, that may delay the time of delivering. On the side, Chinese New Year, factory、wholesale market、express company、trade company in China are all have a holiday, so the delivery may can not normal operation during that 20-30days. And weekends will also delay the time of sending package, cause that express company also have weekends, so if your package arrive at your place just at weekends that may a lillte late to get your package.

6, Important event: important event may happened in every country. Eg: strike、demonstration、terrorist incident. These events always result in delaying the delivery. But no matter what reason, we always try our best to do everything, treat every customer and every order seriously, solve every accident incident at full steam.

Tip: When you finally received your package, pls open it and check it in front of courier, because if have any problems you can solve it to courier's face, but if you haven't do like that, later if you have anything like lost goods or the goods are replaced, that may hard to deal with after that.